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Dr. Ayhab Saad

Dr. Ayhab Saad

Dean of ​​The School of Economics, Administration and Public Policy


Welcome from the Dean

Greetings to you all!

I am delighted to warmly welcome all of you as we commence a new academic year at the School of Economics, Administration, and Public Policy (SEAPP) at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (DI). I have been part of the Doha Institute community since its inception in 2015, and it is a tremendous honor for me to serve as the incoming dean of SEAPP at the DI—an institution deeply committed to the region’s development by nurturing a new generation of independent academics and ethical leaders.

At SEAPP, our core mission is to prepare our students for advanced studies and equip them with the skills and knowledge necessary to make meaningful contributions to their communities. Our programs at SEAPP place equal emphasis on academic rigor and practical applicability, creating an environment that encourages creativity and instills a profound sense of responsibility toward the region’s needs among our students. We take immense pride in the numerous success stories of our alumni as they secure admission to well-known universities for their Ph.D. studies and assume pivotal roles in public, nonprofit, and private organizations.

SEAPP also serves as DI’s gateway to Qatari society and institutions. We actively contribute to building institutional capacity in alignment with the State of Qatar's 2030 vision. In recent years, SEAPP has facilitated numerous internship opportunities in both public and private organizations within Qatar for our students. These experiences not only enhance their academic growth but also prepare them for active engagement in shaping decision-making in the public sphere.

One of SEAPP's strengths is the close interactions between faculty members and students, facilitated by our small class sizes. Our professors are eager to provide guidance both inside and outside the classroom. Students will have the chance to collaborate with SEAPP faculty members on research projects or serve as research assistants to enhance their research skills and publication records. Lastly, our dedicated staff tirelessly work to ensure that our students are well-prepared for an exceptional experience at the Doha Institute. Additionally, students at SEAPP can engage in weekly workshops, seminar talks, and conferences organized by SEAPP, DI, and the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies.

DI's campus and facilities are state-of-the-art, providing students with a safe and stimulating environment for their academic journey. I strongly encourage all students to actively participate in SEAPP, DI, and the Arab Center activities, and to take full advantage of the updated facilities on the DI campus.

As we embark on this new academic journey together, I encourage each of you to embrace the opportunities, challenges, and the personal and academic growth that lie ahead. I am excited to collectively work with you all on building this school further and continue our commitment to excellence in education. I wish you all the best of luck at the beginning of the academic year and know that I am available to assist you in any way I can.

Sincere regards,

Dr. Ayhab Saad
Dean of SEAPP

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    School of Economics, Administration and Public Policy (SEAPP) The School of Economics, Administration and Public Policy seeks to provide students and public service professionals with skills, knowledge, and analytical tools in public affairs management and development economics, including policy making and analysis, international cooperation, and the management of non-governmental organizations; enabling graduates to pursue higher studies in addition to improving the services provided to their communities; encouraging them to consider social and economic phenomena through academic and professional lenses, and preparing them to make original and ethical intellectual contributions to the study of societal and administrative behavior.

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    The Excellence Center for Training and Consultation at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies provides high-quality and professional services that contribute to improving the level of performance in various organizations. Established in 2015, the center has become one of the most established national houses of expertise and aspires to expand its scope of work in the future to include the countries of the region.

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    School of Economics, Administration and Public Policy
    School of Economics, Administration and Public Policy
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