​​Doha Institute for Graduate Studies
The Doha Institute for Graduate Studies​ (DI) is an independent institute for learning, research and service in the fields of social sciences, humanities, public administration and development economics.

Programs of study are offered at the master’s degree level through the School of Social Sciences and Humanities and the School of Public Administration and Development Economics.  Also, the Center for Conflict and Humanitarian Studies offers a specialized graduate program.  The inaugural academic year started in Fall 2015 with 148 students offered admission.  It is planned that student enrollment will eventually reach between 350-400, with study at the doctoral level to be available in the near future.

The DI was founded in 2014 by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies as a not-for-profit, private institution that operates exclusively for education, research and public service.
Social And Economic Survey Research Institute

The Social and Economic Survey Research Institute (SESRI) is a social scientific survey research initiative of Qatar University. SESRI was established in October 2008 with enthusiastic support from the leadership of Qatar University and falls under the Office of the President. 

The mission of the Social and Economic Survey Research Institute is to contribute to the development of Qatari society by providing high quality survey data to guide policy formulation, priority setting, and evidence-based planning and research in the social and economic sectors.

The Institute's research agenda spans a wide range of substantive areas of importance to Qatari society, including labor and employment, modernization and shifts in social values, education, health, family structure, and the impact of social and traditional media.