The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies (ACRPS) is an independent research institute for the study of the social sciences and humanities, with particular emphasis on the applied social sciences.

The ACRPS strives to foster communication between Arab intellectuals and specialists in the social sciences and humanities, establish synergies between these two groups, unify their priorities, and build a network of Arab and international research centers.

In its commitment to the Arab world’s causes, the ACRPS is based on the premise that progress necessitates the advancement of society and human development and the interaction with other cultures, while respecting historical contexts, culture, and language, and in keeping with Arab culture and identity.

To this end, the ACRPS seeks to examine the key issues afflicting the Arab world, governments, and communities; to analyze social, economic, and cultural policies; and to provide rational political analysis on the region. Key to the ACRPS’ concerns are issues of citizenship and identity, fragmentation and unity, sovereignty and dependence, scientific and technological stagnation, community development, and cooperation among Arab countries. The ACRPS also explores the Arab world's political and economic relations with its neighbors in Asia and Africa, and the Arab world’s interaction with influential US, European, and Asian policies in all their economic, political, and communication aspects.

The ACRPS’ focus on the applied social sciences does not detract from the critical analysis of social theories, political thought, and history; rather, this focus allows an exploration and questioning of how such theories and ideas have directly projected themselves on academic and political discourse and guided the current discourse and focus on the Arab world.​