Project Title Parenting, Social preferences and Forward-looking Behavior in Arab Societies-An Experimental Study
LPI Yousef Daoud
PIs Elisa Cavatorta and Daniel Zizzo
Collaborations King's College London and University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Funding Source QNRF- OSRA
Project Start Year 2017
Status Completed
Project Website
Abstract Children’s social preferences (such as their ability to cooperate, solving social dilemmas and reciprocate others) and forward-looking behavior (such as their aspirations, expectations about the future and their ability to make trade-offs over time) are key determinants of their investments in education, career-enhancing choices, entrepreneurial activities, which eventually drive economic and social development. Yet, there is very little evidence on how these preferences form and are influenced by parental practices and by severe life experiences, such as conflict. This project empirically analyses the inter-generational transmission of social preferences and forward-looking behavior from parents to children, the mechanisms of this transmission, how children and parents preferences are influenced by conflict experience and how these preferences help explain economic choices, such as children schooling decisions. It uses field experiments and primary survey data from the West Bank region of Palestine, a country that offers a unique ‘natural experiment’ to study the causal impact of conflict on parents and children preferences. Using a mix of state-of-the-art experimental games and survey questionnaires on expectations, aspirations and parental practices in pairs of parents and children, the project develops a novel dataset to fill significant gaps in the current literature and it contributes to inform family and educational policies in the Arab region.