Project Title Transcultural Identities: Solidaristic Action and Contemporary Arab Social Movements
LPI Eid Mohamed
PIs Waleed Mahdi, Hamid Dabashi, Ayman El-Desouky, Barkuzar Dubbati, Aziz Douai
Collaborations Columbia University, University of Oklahoma, Jordan University
Funding Source QNRF- National Priorities Research Programs
Project Start Year 2016
Status Completed
Project Website
Abstract The central research questions for this project are: How do new media, film and literary or artistic forms of expression inform and echo currents of transformation in the Arab world? Moreover, how do such forms theorize “transcultural identity” as a form of citizen engagement at the center of transformation politics in the Arab world? This 3-year project presents a unique attempt to investigate these forms of cultural productions as new modes of knowledge that shed light on the nature of social movements with the aim of expanding the critical reach of the disciplinary methods of political disc4ourse and social theory. The project will seek to articulate systemically the ways in which the Arab scene can contribute to the understanding of the rise of new social movements worldwide by exploring the methodological gaps in the dominant Western discourse and theories. As theorists such as Alain Badiou, Judith Butler, Jacques Rancière and Slavoj Žižek have confirmed, such methodological gaps became very clear in the failure to understand the irreducible heterogeneity of the crowds, the subsequent transformations in the public sphere and the modes of social mobilization. The research employs multi-methods including narrative interviews, participant observations, archival work and content analysis (including text and visual materials).