Project Title School experience, educational aspirations and scholastic achievement
LPI Nabil Khattab
PIs Tariq Modood, Muthanna Samara, Areej Barham
Collaborations Bristol University, Kingston University, Qatar University
Funding Source QNRF- National Priorities Research Programs
Project Start Year 2017
Status Completed
Project Website
Abstract This 3-year study will employ a longitudinal and comparative approach to study the relationship between school experiences, students’ aspirations and educational achievement in Qatar. The study will investigate the development of aspirations over time and their relationship to school experience on the one hand and students’ educational performance on the other hand. Moreover, the study will examine the impact of family backgrounds, parents expectations and involvement, out-of-school and ex-curricular activities on the way students develop their aspirations and their future orientations including career aspirations and beyond. The study will utilize the Longitudinal Study of Young People in England (LSYPE) and the Millennium Cohort Study (MCS) for comparison purposes and in order to provide a broad context for the study of aspirations and achievement. The study will inform educationalists, policy makers, families and schools of suitable interventions to improve school achievement amongst students in Qatar.