Project Title Delivering Multiple Perspectives: First-time Fathers’ Involvement in Pregnancy & Childbirth in Qatar
LPI Mahasin Saleh
PIs Soleman Abu Bader
Collaborations Howard University
Funding Source QNRF- OSRA
Project Start Year 2021
Status Ongoing
Project Website
Abstract This study will explore and describe first-time fathers’ involvement in pregnancy and childbirth in Qatar in order to increase knowledge about their lived experience during this period, their support to and influence upon their wives and the unborn child, and to provide foundations for future research in this understudied area. Utilizing a multi-perspective approach, five groups of study participants will be recruited, including a) Qatari first-time fathers; b) a comparison group of Arab first-time fathers; c) an unrelated group of Qatari first-time mothers; d) an unrelated group Arab first-time mothers; and e) Maternal Health Professionals such as OBGYN’s and nurses. The research findings will provide substantial insights from various perspectives about men’s involvement during pregnancy and childbirth in Qatar. It will also advance understanding of Qatari and other Arab men’s identity and their roles in the transition to parenthood. This could have important implications because international research has shown that men can contribute to the prevention of maternal and infant mortality and support other positive health and mental health outcomes for women and children (WHO, 2007). The findings will also include recommendations to inform a) State policies such as maternity and paternity leave; b) further implementation of the Qatar National Health Strategy 2018-2022 which includes a priority population focus of “Healthy Women Leading to Healthy Pregnancies”; and c) the additional design and delivery of culturally appropriate and family centered maternal and child health services along with other new and existing community services.