Project Title Socio-Political profile and social cohesion in times of turmoil: a nationally representative survey of Lebanese citizens
LPI Charles Harb
Collaborations N/A
Funding Source Major Research Fund (internal)
Project Start Year 2022
Status Ongoing
Project Website
Abstract The research seeks to draw a socio-political profile of Lebanese citizens with a focus on their social identities, sectarianism, collective action tendencies and social cohesion post 2019 uprising and ahead of the national parliamentary elections scheduled for May 2022. The research adopts a cross-sectional survey research design, using a nationally representative sample of the Lebanese population. The research will serve two main goals: 1) draft a practical and timely report describing the socio-political and psychological landscape of the Lebanese population in times of turmoil and 2) explore and validate a number of theoretical models within the collective action and social cohesion literatures.