Project Title Family Characteristics, Parenting Styles, and Youth Mental Health in Qatar
LPI Livia Gilstrap
PIs Muhammad Ather, Muhammad Waqar Azeem and Ahsan Nazeer
Collaborations SIDRA Medicine
Funding Source QNRF- OSRA
Project Start Year 2019
Status Completed
Project Website
Abstract Through their lifelong disabling influence, mental health issues and especially those of youth, have devastating effects on families and measurable impact on entire societies and economies. Despite these impacts and the centrality of childhood in mental health models, child and youth mental health is underrepresented in research, and particularly underrepresented in research conducted in Arab countries. Psychiatric assessment tools and prevalence estimates of child and adolescent mental health have been developed mostly in Western societies and there is evidence to suggest a potential misfit between international models of mental health derived from this research and their application to Arab families. Through measuring youth mental health, family characteristics and parenting styles in representative samples, the project aims to achieve the following; a) Examine the empirical relationship between family characteristics, parenting styles and youth mental health in Qatar in clinical and community contexts; b) Collect and disseminate to the research world and regional and international stakeholders of critical psychiatric data on youth in Qatar; c) To support future research efforts within Qatar and the Arab region by testing and validating Arabic versions of international youth mental health and parenting scales. It is expected that the results of this research will help policy makers and practitioners in making evidence-based policy and practice decisions that are relevant to the Arab world and will provide models, scales and data that are valid in this region.