Project Title Role of the Public Sector in Empowering Women in Qatar and the Arab Gulf Countries
LPI Rabia Naguib
PIs Mohammad Al Kadry
Collaborations University of Connecticut and Qatar Ministry of Administrative Development Labor and Social Affairs
Funding Source QNRF- National Priorities Research Programs
Project Start Year 2018
Status Ongoing
Project Website
Abstract The empowerment of Qatari women is listed under Qatar's National Vision 2030 and the public sector is by far their largest employer. This project will take stock of the status of women in the Qatari public service to consider the extent of women’s representation in different ministries, different occupations, and different levels of employment. A detailed empirical study on the effectiveness of human resources policies in the public sector on women's career progression in Qatar will also be conducted. The scope of the research will also be expanded to include a comparative study with neighboring countries. The project will aim to provide policy makers with insightful information and recommendations on how to further the empowerment of women in line with national goals and to assist with realizing the full potential of their human capital.