Project Title Unfamiliar Families: Syrian Refugees’ Transnational Solidarity and Kinship Networks
LPI Sophie Richter-Devroe
PIs Nada Ghandour-Demiri
Collaborations American University of Beirut
Funding Source QNRF- OSRA
Project Start Year 2018
Status Completed
Project Website
Abstract The Syrian war and ongoing migration crisis have brought about profound transformations to the family, a core social, political and economic institution in the Arab world. Syrian families have been fragmented, destroyed, dispersed and rebuilt in different - sometimes unfamiliar - ways. In this project, the impact of the Syrian refugee crisis on the family and family-making practices is studied. The researchers trace Syrian refugees' solidarity and kinship networks in and beyond Greece and Italy, and ask how policy-making and development practice might benefit from a better understanding of the structures and strategies of the transnational refugee family.