Project Title From Tahrir Square to Zuccotti Park: the Arab Spring and the De-centering of American Studies
LPI Eid Mohamed
Collaborations George Washington University
Funding Source QNRF- Conference and Workshop Sponsorship Program
Project Start Year 2017
Status Completed
Project Website
Abstract This conference grounded in the Arab world will help internationalize the study of America to enable critical consideration of where and what is America – particularly in relation to the Arab uprisings and developments in the global map of power. It aims to turn the field of American Studies upside down and consider what might be gained from global analysis, beginning from spaces of rebellion, exposed by the Arab Spring and sites like Tahrir Square and Zuccotti Park. Bringing together leading scholars from around the world who work in American Studies, Middle Eastern Studies or closely related fields, the conference assays a truly global ambit of analysis to acknowledge the interconnectedness of global developments and provide the means to extend and deepen critique of the myth of American exceptionalism.