​​​The DI was established with the explicit purpose of responding to the needs of the Arab world through encouraging and preparing a new generation of academics, researchers and practitioners.

In order to further this mission, programs of study spanning the social sciences, humanities, public administration and development economics have been carefully and consciously designed by a distinguished group of academics and experts. Of paramount importance was to ensure that these programs maintained relevance to Arab students and to the Arab world while providing critical international perspectives.

The use of Arabic as the primary language of instruction is imperative in this regard and will allow students to develop their ideas within their context and, crucially, their societies. At the same time the DI will give students the opportunity to develop their English to an academic level in order to communicate with their peers internationally and follow their research.

The academic ethos of the DI is based on integrating research and learning whereby students are able to relate theory to practice and vice-versa. Through this experience students will establish strong relationships with a diverse and committed community of faculty, staff and, most significantly, their colleagues, who have come to the DI from across the Arab world and beyond. These individuals bring with them their own experiences and perspectives, fostering a cross-disciplinary environment that promotes dynamic analysis and academic rigor. The core courses in both the School of Social Sciences and Humanities and the School of Public Administration and Development Economics​ are instrumental in establishing these relationships and furthering these discussions and debates.

The DI welcomes students who value this approach and who demonstrate exceptional academic and research abilities and qualifications. The student body will comprise those that have the most potential to benefit from the programs of study and contribute to the DI community. For this reason, the DI is dedicated to ensuring that students receive the necessary support throughout their graduate studies.

The DI believes it has a special and necessary role to play in the Arab region and invites motivated students to participate in its development and success.