Career Advising unit is a part of the students' affairs deanship in Doha institute for graduate studies, which is specialized in providing career-related workshops, promote professional employability skills and training services that contribute to preparing and guiding students' potential to join the labour market.

Our message:

Career Advising unit adopts the message and vision of Doha institute of creating a generation of academic researchers and distinguished graduates through providing employability skills needed in their work fields and contributing to widen their horizons and fore-sighting a better academic future. The unit also exerts diligent efforts to inform students and graduates about the labour market.

Our mission:

1. Plan and coordinate with various international and leading national foundations in labour market to develop partnerships that target the institute graduates and allow access to job and training opportunities that suit their academic specializations.

2. Consolidate students' presence in labour market throughout organizing training workshops that include CV writing, job interview preparation workshops and how to find a job and prepare for internships beside other career-related topics.

3. Organizing the annual career fair and hosting organisations interested in offering opportunities for students (employment and training), and academic opportunities (scholarship programs for PHD studies).

4. Manage the students' work program in Doha Institute.