The tuition fees is as follows:

Doctoral Studies

​The students who do not qualify for the doctoral program's scholarship that is explained in this Handbook will have to pay tuition fees for doctoral studies at the DI in the amount of 7,000 Qatari Riyal (QR) for each credit hour. The additional cost of student field visits, internships, or training are not included in this fee. Students should budget for these and other similar costs separately. As such it is estimated that the total tuition costs for doctoral studies will be approximately: 7,000 QR x 60 credit hours = 420,000 QR.

Master Programs

​The tuition fees is determined in one semester for each program of the Institute as follows:​

 (Each program consists of four semesters)
Semester Fees
(Qatari Riyal)
Total Tuition Fees
 (Qatari Riyal)
Philosophy, History, Comparative Literature (Arabic – Western), Linguistics and Arabic Lexicography, Sociology and Anthropology,15.00060.000
Politics and International Relations, Development Economics, Public Policy, Social Psychology, Social Work, Media and Cultural Studies
Public Administration, Journalism, Critical Security Studies, Conflict Management and Humanitarian Action, Human Rights

Clinical Psychology45.000180.000

The total tuition fees for non-grant program are as follows:

Total Tuition Fees
(Qatari Riyal)
Executive Master of Public Administration240.000
​Executive Master in Public and Business Administration
Fellow Residence Program in advanced Arabic language and social studies9000
Arabic as a Foreign Language40.000