The Admissions Department ensures that all applicants meet the admission requirements and conditions. All admission applications are evaluated according to the following steps:

Doctoral Studies


    It is a stage in which the Admissions Office checks the students' academic transcripts to ensure those transcripts meet the requirements. 


    ​The files that fulfill the admission requirements get referred from the Admissions Office to the programs. Each program conducts initial evaluations through an admission committee that includes all program members, in addition to a professor from outside the program appointed by the Dean.


    ​The program conducts personal interviews with students who pass the initial evaluation stage. Then, the committee provides its recommendation to the college Dean.


    Approval of Admissions results:

    The final admissions results are approved as follows:

    • 1- The School dean sends their recommendations to the Doctoral Studies Board.

    • 2- The director of the Doctoral Studies Board passes those recommendations to the Provost for final approval.

    • 3- The results are then sent from the Provost's office to the Deanship of Students Affairs to start the process of registering the new students. 

     Master Programs

       Transcript Evaluation

      ​The admissions department evaluates the submitted transcripts to ensure that applicants have obtained the required minimum grades mentioned in the attached table

       Academic Evaluation

      ​All applicants who pass the transcript evaluation stage are evaluated by the members of academic evaluation committee in their respective academic program. At this stage, the evaluation takes into consideration all documents and certificates submitted by the applicant such as their academic records, resume, academic essay, personal statement and IELTS/TOEFL scores.

       Interview Evaluation

      ​Applicants who pass the academic evaluation stage are invited to an interview with members of the academic evaluation committee to discuss their academic interests. The committee assesses the student's personal, academic and research skills. Interviews are held face-to-face for students living in Qatar and online for those living outside Qatar.

      Please review the Admission Selection Criteria.pdf file for more information  

      Admission Decisions

      The admission office receives the final list of shortlisted candidates after members of the academic evaluation committee complete their evaluations. The final list of admitted students is issued after the approval of:

      1-The Dean of the school

      2- The Admissions committee

      3-The Provost