Hossein Dabbagh
Assistant Professor
Philosophy Program

​Hossein Dabbagh is an Assistant Professor in the Philosophy program at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies. He studied moral philosophy during his Doctorate at the University of Reading and University of Oxford, UK. In his PhD thesis "Mind, Epistemology and Neuroethics: A Defence of Epistemological Intuitionism", he defended an intuitionist epistemology from criticism drawn from empirical moral psychology under the supervision of Prof. Philip Stratton-Lake, Prof. Brad Hooker and Dr. Regina Rini.

Hossein Dabbagh was a a research assistant in a project pertaining to the science of constitutions at the Wolfson college, University of Oxford. He is also a senior scholar at the Institute for Epistemological Research (leading institute for the religious intellectualism in Iran) and a full-time Referee of Berlin Journal of Philosophy and an editorial board member of Philosophy Study Journal. Before joining the Doha Institute, Hossein taught philosophy of art and moral psychology at the House of Art and Music in London (2011-2015). He also was a senior editor of Serat publisher in Tehran (2007-2010) and was a co-founder of University of Tehran's Democratic Islamic Student Association (2006-2007).

Hossein Dabbagh has published various articles and books mainly in Persian and English. Some of his recent publications are: "Playing with "Playing God"" in Neohumanitas: Writing the future together, University of Zurich, forthcoming in 2015 (in English); Metaphor in Science, Hermes publisher, 2014 (in Persian) and The Laboratory of the Mind, Hermes publisher, 2014 (Translated from English to Persian).

There are many areas in philosophy that Dr. Dabbagh is interested in. He is currently writing a book on moral intuitionism and various articles defending the seeming account of epistemological intuitionism. He is also working on the relationship between ethics and religion, ethics of human enhancement, ethics of shame, meaning of life and Muslim reformers, more generally.


PhD in Moral Philosophy University of Reading (UK)

MA in Philosophy (Western and Islamic), Shahid Beheshti (National) University (Iran)

BSc in Business Management and Economics, University of Tehran (Iran)​


Languages: Persian (Native), English (fluent in writing, reading and speaking), Arabic (fluent in reading) and German (elementary).

Research Interests: Meta-Ethics (esp. Epistemological Intuitionism), Normative ethics (esp. Deontological Pluralism), Applied Ethics (esp. Business Ethics), Moral psychology (esp. Hume), Philosophy of Language (esp. Wittgenstein and Metaphor Theories), Music Theory (esp. Persian Music), Philosophy of Religion, Islamic Philosophy (esp. Suhrawardī) and Islamic Mysticism (esp. Rumi).

​Coming soon.

​Coming soon.


Hossein Dabbagh
Doha Institute for Graduate Studies
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