Abdelhamid Hénia
Head of Program
Professor of History
History Program

​He taught in the History Department at the University of Tunis (1977), is an Emeritus professor (2012) and was the Director of the "Diraset Magharibiya" Research laboratory (1999-2012) and is Chairman of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at the Tunisian Academic Society of  Sciences, Letters and Arts "Beit al- Hikma"– Carthage (2013).

He was a Visiting Professor at several Arabic and European Universities: Mauritanian University (1980, 1981), the Higher School of Social Sciences (EHESS) in Paris (1989, 2010) and Marseille (1998), University of Rabat (2003), University of Catania in Italy (2006, 2007), University of Casablanca – Beni Msik (2008), University of Roma - La Sapienza (2012) and the University of Constantine and Oran (2013).

He contributed to many juries of evaluation on PhD theses in: the Higher School of Social Sciences in Paris (May 1998, November 1998), and the University of Marseille-Aix-en-Provence (2005, 2012).

He is a member of scientific committees for the review of: "RMMM" – Aix-en-Provence (1996-2013), "Hesperis Tamuda" (2008), "Insaniyyat" (2012), reviews of the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies ("Omran", "Tabayyun", "Ustour"  2014).

His latest research  deals with aspects of modernity  and evolution, as the emergence of the modern state, the relations between religion and policy, the emergence of new knowledge and the modern historian, the phenomenon of individuality in Tunisian society and the indigenization of historical knowledge in the Maghreb.

He is writing a book about the "brother", the "ra'iyya" and the "citizen": dynamics of individuality in Tunisia", and another about "The personality of the historian in Tunisia".

He wrote some books like: al-Jarid and its relation with central power (1980), property and social strategies in the City of Tunis (1999), Ottoman Tunisia: state-building and field (2012), The research experience of the "Diraset" laboratory (2012).

He authored and co-authored books including The social history and informative sciences (1997), The city and space in the Maghreb (2000), The waqf in the Mediterranean world (2004), How to become a "Notable" in the Maghreb (2006), Writing History in the Maghreb (2007), The itinerary of a historian and a historical experience (2008), The Individual and the power in Mediterranean Muslim countries (2008).

He published many studies in Arabic, French and Italian in different reviews.

Education: He was awarded his thesis (Doctorate d’Etat 1995), HDR (1994) and Doctorate third cycle (1979), his Master’s (1973), and his Bachelor’s (1972) of History, and a Certificate of Sociology from the University of Tunis.

Languages: Arabic and French (speaking reading and writing), English (reading and understanding)

Research Interests:​ cultural, political and social history of the Maghreb during the modern period.​

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