Published on 6/24/2020

​As part of its webinar sessions, the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (DI) presented a new online lecture titled, Opportunities for Entrepreneurs, presented by Mr. Mohammed Al Jefairi, Inventor, Leadership Trainer and Entrepreneur.

Al Jefairi highlighted Entrepreneurs in Qatar, where he discussed the concept of leadership and its substance, as well as the differences between the trader and business dealer, by providing information on domestic markets, the impact of the pandemic on it, and investment opportunities. Offering tips that would make it easier for entrepreneurs to draw future scenarios and take advantage of the current crisis to start successful projects.

The lecture explored the future of the global markets, through comparing numbers and statistics between the past and the current crisis and setting expectations of how the world would look like after the coronavirus.

Al Jefairi pointed out that there are some sectors which have witnessed significant growth at the global level, including: gloves, soap, rice and dried cereals, canned foods, and other sectors with varying growth rates ranging between 67% and 99%, noting the behavior of consumers globally, the growth and decline of their interests according to age group and opportunities for locally growing markets.

However, many markets have declined locally and internationally such as: luggage, travel bags, gym supplies, men's formal attire, wedding clothes and other sectors with decline rates of -57% and -77 %.

The Doha Institute launched a series of webinars to engage with the local and external community, and shed light on social, economic, and cultural aspects.