Published on 7/30/2018

In the framework of the Doha Institute Graduate Fellow Residence Program in Advanced Arabic Language and Social Studies, the Language Center will welcome a group of Arabic language students from Germany for the Fall Semester 2018–2019. This comes as part of the Cooperation and Exchange Agreement between the Free University of Berlin and the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (DI). German students will attend an intensive advanced Arabic course supplemented by a program of cultural and language exchange with DI students, and will also participate in a selection of academic courses and activities offered by the Institute appropriate to their specialist fields.


This program is a unique opportunity offered by the DI to non-native speakers of Arabic specializing in Arabic studies to raise their academic linguistic competence and to interact with DI students from across the Arab world, thereby strengthening their communicative skills in various dialects. The program also enriches cultural pluralism and methodological perspectives to the benefit of students enrolled at the Doha Institute.