Published on 1/11/2021

After much deliberation on the educational process, the administration of Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (DI) announced that it will continue with the remote and blended education for Spring 2021 to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

A broadcast sent to students stated that in-person teaching in the classroom will be for courses with small numbers, while remote education will be for first-year students and courses with large numbers. Hence, the blended learning will be for the rest of programs, following the directions of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Qatar.

In this context, DI Director of Communication and External Relations Department, Ali Menadi Al Kaabi said that the Institute has invested in educational platforms to ensure the smoothness of learning process. "Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the various online platforms enabled faculty members and students to engage in the teaching and learning process including direct audio and video communication, the exchange of files and media, as well as the creation of private rooms for discussions and other features," He added.

Further, Information Technology Department in cooperation with Teaching and Learning Office is preparing the classrooms with necessary equipment, testing, and improving its performance for the students as DI is aiming to expand in blended education in the future.