Published on 12/29/2020

The Deanship of Student Affairs at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (DI) represented by the Career Advising Unit organized a virtual Career Week event from 21-23 December 2020, which aimed at developing the factional and professional skills of students and participants.

The event kicked off with "Time Management" workshop in cooperation with the Excellence Center for Training and Consulting (ECTC) at DI, where the trainer Mona Al Babety highlighted the core time management skills to reach the desired professional success.

Jawaher Al Manaa held a workshop on "Personal planning and development of skills a person needs to enter the job market," that was also in collaboration with ECTC.

The event concluded with a briefing session on "Teach for Qatar" organization, presented by Ibrahim Yasser, Organization's talent acquisition specialist. The presentation was attended by Mohammed Issa, a graduate of MA in Development Economics at DI, an affiliate of Teach for Qatar, in addition to Esra Reda, a graduate of the Institute's Linguistics and Arabic Lexicography Program, also an affiliate of Teach for Qatar.

After introducing the organization and the conditions for joining, each of the two graduates provided an overview of their experience at the Institute and the organization, in addition to providing valuable advice to students, encouraging them to strive hard and work to develop themselves in order to achieve their dreams and aspirations.