Published on 3/15/2020

​SOSH organized a forum to discuss interdisciplinarity, development of educational process and assessment

The School of Social Sciences and Humanities (SOSH) at Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (DI) organized a forum to discuss a number of key issues, most importantly interdisciplinarity, development of educational process and assessment in the presence of Dr. Yasir Suleiman Malley, President of DI and members of academic and administrative bodies.

The objective of the forum is to draw practical lessons from experiences, theoretical reflection and reviews with the aim of reaching creative solutions to the challenges and difficulties ahead. The participants discussed the interdisciplinary principle as an important topic in building the academic faculty, debating over the application of this principle in the last five years, the accumulated experiences.

Dean of SOSH, Dr. Abdelwahab El Affendi, said: "The forum is part of the ongoing work of the School, which aims at developing the educational, work and research process, for the sake of being well-informed on the one hand and to be in the same position as the world centers in these fields on the other hand. Pointing out that the faculty holds periodically workshops and meetings to talk about the latest findings of education professionals".

Dr. El Affendi added that "this event was allocated for two important issues: The first concerns the interdisciplinarity agenda, which is a principal followed and adopted by DI, and the second issue concerns the development of teaching process based on the lessons the faculty has received in the past five years," stressing that the faculty is assisting professors and committees with comprehensive periodic reviews, and continuing the process of development and modernization."