Published on 7/8/2020

Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (DI) recent webinar discussed solecism and focused on language proficiency in general. The webinar titled "Rashafāt min Al Arabiya: Lectures on Proof-reading & Editing" featured by Dr. Elias Atallah, Professor of Arabic Lexicology in Doha Institute for Graduate Studies and Member of the Scientific Council of the Doha historical dictionary of the Arabic language.

Dr. Elias presented in his lecture solecism, explaining the grammatical mistakes in speech or writing by giving examples based on several factors, the most important of which are: The prevalence of compositions and solecism, its response to an increasing number of scholars and professors, as well as its presence in textbooks, published research articles, contemporary dictionaries and other factors.

In this context, Dr. Atallah provided guidance in scientific writing techniques, revealing several observations to writers, proof-readers and editors on the basis of scientific writing, and other observations to help them avoid solecism, leaving them the freedom to choose between the most eloquent, eloquent, good and acceptable..

In a statement on the lecture, the Arabic-language researcher pointed out that he is not the first to write about solecism, it was preceded by many, starting with the Kissai in the second century Hijri, ending with our time. Explaining that there are different categories of writers including the strict and tolerant, where in this intervention, he does not aim to eliminate solecism rather, give guidance and taking solecism as a starting point."

It's worth mentioning that Rashafāt min Al Arabiya is a book published through the studies of linguistics and lexicography series at the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies (ACRPS), which is the essence of efforts for more than a decade, delivered by Dr. Elias Atallah in Nazareth, Doha and Haifa.