Published on 1/26/2021

In collaboration with Al Rai Center for Media Training, Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (DI), gave a lecture on "Print Media.. A visionary approach," discussing the crises and challenges currently facing the paper media, the effects of the Web on them, the growing impact of social media, and the mechanisms for newspapers to bypass these structural crises.

Khaled Qudah, Director of Al Rai Center for Media Training stressed that media has a strong power in building public opinion and requirements for its continuation are diversity, keeping pace with modern technologies, the digital revolution, and the continuous training and qualification of journalists at all levels.

Qudah clarified the confusion between freedom of expression and freedom of the press, resistance to the digital revolution, multiple platforms for the flow of information, bias towards a particular media and interference in the advertising market were among the most prominent obstacles to print media, emphasizing on the mechanisms for the promotion of journalism, how to manage media crises and the mistakes of media organizations.

Director of Al Rai Center indicated to transform paper newspapers into comprehensive media institutions, and variation in the production of national content in different languages as well as the establishment of training centers, digital publishing houses and special advertising agencies.