Published on 2/23/2020

31 May 2020 is the last day of application

The Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (DI) launches a " Postdoctoral Research Fellowship" for the academic year 2020/2021 in various disciplines, including social, human and administrative sciences and development economics, according to the following conditions where the applicant must:

  1. - Hold a PhD from a recognized university in his/her field of specialization.

  2. - Have graduated within the last two years.

  3. - Submit a promising and detailed research proposal with no less than three thousand words, presenting the subject of the research, expected outcomes, references, timeline, and the relevant research area the proposal underlies.

  4. - Provide names and addresses of three referees aware of his/her research career.

  5. - Adhere to attach the name of the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies in research and reports emanating from the fellowship, and to participate in the activities of the Institute and the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies, including conferences, seminars and weekly lectures.

  6. - Comply with the application's deadline which is 31 May 2020, and send requests to the Research Department at the following address:

  7. - Results will be sent at a later stage.

The Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies includes the following advantages:

- Fellowship duration is one year.

- Obtaining housing on campus for the duration of the fellowship as decided by the Institute.

- Take advantage of the services provided by the institute to his/her academic family: the library, information technology, sports facilities, workspace, and others as decided by the institute.

- Facilitating obtaining the visa and residence permit in the State of Qatar and the medical services provided by the state for residents.

- A monthly grant paid to the fellow's account in a Qatari bank at the end of each month.

- Postdoctoral fellows can participate in teaching at the institute as needed and in return for a financial fee determined by the institute.