Published on 8/12/2020

​Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (DI) School of Public Administration and Development Economics (SPADE) Department of Public Policy has officially received the accreditation of the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration (NASPAA) for the first time in the Gulf, the second in the Middle East, and the fifth outside the United States.

NASPAA is highly respected, and one of the highest aspirations of schools of public administration and public policy around the world. This accreditation, which only a few universities outside the United States have obtained, will serve as to evidence the quality of education offered by SPADE at the Doha Institute.

NASPAA sent an official letter to the Doha Institute stating that the Commission on Peer Review and Accreditation (COPRA) found the Master of Public Policy to be in substantial conformity with NASPAA Standards. The program is accredited through August 31, 2027 and will be included on the Annual Roster of Accredited Programs.

The Public Policy Program is now part of the global community of over 200 accredited graduate programs in public service. The Commission praised the program for its commitment to diversity, particularly its dedication to creating a truly bilingual environment and implementing diversity initiatives throughout all components of strategic program management.

Head of Public Policy Program at DI, Dr. Nizar Jouini said, "NASPAA accreditation of Public Policy Program is an unprecedented achievement that was accomplished only four years after its inception. It is a testimony of appreciation for the rigorous and professional commitment of SPADE and DI faculty members and staff, which will stimulate greater excellence in the future."

"The program will provide an opportunity for Qatari and Arab students to learn about the latest science and theories in public policy, to prepare them to integrate into different decision-making positions with high efficiency and capacity in order to find practical solutions to real problems," he added.

Notably, NASPAA enjoys more than 300 members in 15 countries, all of which award master's degrees in public administration and public policy. NASPAA is the global accrediting body for master's programs in these fields. Universities from the United States, Brazil, China, Colombia, Egypt, France, Mexico, Italy, Holland, The United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates fall under its accrediting purview.