Published on 9/15/2020

​Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (DI) has broadcasted a new webinar titled: "Looking into the future of employment", in which Dr Buthaina Al Ansari, Strategic Development and Human Resources Expert, highlighted the differences between looking into the future from one hand and strategic planning from the other, future career methodology and the mechanism of selecting a specialization to suit the demands of the labor market.

Dr Buthaina indicated that the need of people is increasing day after day to look into future of employment, and includes several factors, on top of them are the rapid changes in the various economic, social, environmental, and science and technology fields. In addition to the increasing volume of knowledge available and the ease of sharing, accessing, or penetrating it.

Regarding the concept of looking into the future, Al Ansari said that it is a very old concept which appeared in several stages, but it found its way into the world of business recently, stressing the need to employ it to prepare for the future in a better way. Adding that thinking is the basis for making the future the way people aspire, pointing out to anticipating the future of some professions and jobs, and preparing for possible changes in the next stage.

At the end, Al Ansari said that the required jobs in the future will depend entirely on specializations related to technology, computer applications and social media, and that there are other jobs that are expected to witness a significant decline and may disappear.