Published on 7/1/2020

Broadcasting live from Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (DI), a webinar titled "Intellectual Capital and Post-Corona Requirements" was held today and presented by Dr. Abdelrahim Mohamed, Consultant of Strategic Planning and Measuring Institutional Performance at the Police College.

Dr. Mohamed offered an in-depth analysis of the current situation, explaining how intellectual capital is used to deal with the corona pandemic and the new world features that will be formed after, explaining that the current situation needs to change the concepts of organizational culture, and that the pandemic has exposed the fragility of administrative systems in most of developed world.

Addressing the concepts and dimensions of intellectual capital and its importance in the next phase as a prerequisite, and how it was built, developed and maintained, explaining in this regard the impact of intellectual capital on the classification of States in global competitiveness indicators, especially in the light of the shift to knowledge economy and digital transformation

Concerning post-corona requirements, Dr. Mohamed stressed on the need to respond to the changes happened, by taking advantage of the results achieved, reviewing old concepts, selection and appointment systems, and then reassessing the success of organizations through managing innovation and productivity, referring to the system of change required to achieve success and shift after the pandemic.

Dr. Mohamed concluded the lecture by stressing the importance of caring for creative ideas, enhancing skills and experiences, developing the training system through evaluating existing training programs and their relevance to the need for action, designing training programs based on actual training needs, and linking education with the labor market. As well as other important factors for building an intellectual capital strategy.