Published on 1/17/2021

​Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (DI) represented by the Excellence Center for Training and Consulting (ECTC) in collaboration with Tomoh Community Development corporation organized a workshop titled: "Design and management of community projects," focusing on strengthening the capacity of participants in design, management and evaluation of community projects, using design thinking approach, results-based management and social impact measurement.

ECTC Director, Dr. Farid Al Sahn stated that the program has strengthened participants' capacities, improved their skills, and raised awareness of methodologies for assessing and measuring social impact. Mentioning the importance of the program for everyone working in the field of charity and non-governmental organizations. Dr. Faird indicated that the center aspires to continue cooperation with Tomoh to provide another set of programs that benefit the local community in Qatar.

Tomoh focuses on community development and contributing to its development, in addition to cooperating with leading educational institutions and bodies in the country to provide training programs that contribute to strengthening and developing youth capabilities Tomoh CEO, Nasser Al Mogaiseeb said in a statement.