Published on 10/18/2016

During the meeting, the BOT officially approved the launch of 2 new graduate studies programs: Social Work, and Clinical and Social Psychology

The Board of Trust of the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies convened at the Doha Institute's Campus over 2 days, Sunday and Monday 16-17 October, 2016 headed by Dr. Azmi Bishara, Chair of the BOT.  The meetings were attended by all board members including: H.E. Sheikh Dr. Abdulla Al Thani, Vice Chair of the BOT, Dr. Ahmad Dallal, Dr. Taher Kanaan, Dr. Dina Khoury, Dr. Roger Allen, Dr. Mohammed Al Rumaihi and Dr. Wail Benjelloun, and Dr. Yasir Suleiman Malley; attended as Acting President of the DI.

During the meeting, the BOT officially approved the launch of 2 new graduate studies programs: Social Work, and Clinical and Social Psychology. BOT members agreed that more in-depth consultation with academic specialists will be needed.  Furthermore, several policies and procedures at the DI were approved, followed by a detailed report presented by Dr. Yasir Suleiman Malley.  Members of the BOT expressed their satisfaction with the progress of work thus far and agreed to meet again in March 2017.

On day 2 of the meetings, Monday 17 October, 2016, a special session was held to discuss the future strategic plan for the DI, with the aim of enhancing academic and research standards.  The session attended by representatives of various related sectors in Qatar, including: Dr. Hassan Rashid  Al Derham, President of Qatar University, Dr. Ibrahim Al Naimi, President of the Community College of Qatar, Ms. Amal Al Mannai, Executive Director of Qatar Social Work Foundation, Dr. Ahmad Hasnah, President of Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Dr. Mothana Alkubaisy, Director of Higher Education Institutions Affairs Department at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Qatar, Dr. Mohammad Bin Abdul-Aziz Al Khulaifi, Dean of College of Law at Qatar University, and Dr. Abdul-Ilah Al Hussaini, Program Manager for Education at Qatar National Research Fund.  

In addition, all BOT members attended alongside the DI's Planning Committee: Dr. Yasir Suleiman Malley, Dr. Hend Al Muftah, Vice President of Administration and Finance, Dr. Rasheed El-Enany, Dean of School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Dr. Hassan Aly, Dean of School of Public Administration and Development Economics, Dr. Sultan Barakat, Director of the Center for Conflict and Humanitarian Studies, Dr. Abdul-Rahim Benhadda, Dean of Student Affairs and Head of the History Program. 

During this session, Dr. Hend presented an introductory presentation of the Doha Institute's programs and activities, where Dr. Malley summarized the strategic plan. Several suggestions were presented to enhance the strategic plan that contributes to the mission of the DI.  Attendees exchanged ideas and experiences and considered the session a great opportunity to improve cooperation between various academic organizations in Qatar and the rest of the world.