Published on 1/7/2021

​The Communication and External Relations Department at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (DI) hosted new webinar titled: "The use of multiple intelligence strategies in crisis management," in which the Journalist, Dr. Abdel Rahim Al Hour shed lights on the concept of intelligence and its types, strategies of multiple intelligence, in addition to the debate about intelligence between inherited and acquired.

Dr. Abdel Rahim discussed the meaning of the term intelligence, referring to some psychologists and philosophers that provide different definitions and clarifying that it is natural. In another context, "Emotional intelligence is not limited to the professional or social level, but mainly includes how to use emotions intelligently in the relationship between the two partners," he added.

In the same context, Dr. Abdel Rahim spoke about Linguistic intelligence whose owners can speak, write, and use Different languages in a practical way to achieve the desired goals and objectives. Mentioning many types of it including: Visual intelligence, music intelligence, physical intelligence, computational logical intelligence, social intelligence, personal intelligence, and other types of intelligence with applied examples, and how to use it in crisis management.