Published on 6/16/2022

Doha Institute for Graduate Studies has declared the launch of a special office dedicated to Alumni affairs, which concentrates on communicating with all DI Alumni inside Qatar as well as abroad. It also facilitates their participation in the various educational and social activities to optimize their contribution locally and worldwide. 

This office will be the link between DI and its graduates of 1022 students of both genders. Six cohorts have graduated from DI since establishment back in 2015 with majors in the School of Social Sciences and Humanities and the School of Economics, Administration and Public Policy, coming from more than 40 countries around the world. 

Dr Ibrahim Fraihat, Dean of Student Affairs, have commented that the main role of the Alumni Affairs Office is to strengthen the relationship between the institute and its alumni through continuous communication and providing of projects and initiatives that contribute to the development of their educational and professional skills. In addition to building strong connections among the graduates themselves through the Alumni reunions with the different cohorts. 

It is worth mentioning that DI, through the Alumni Affairs office, provides different services to its Alumni which aim at helping graduates in their social as well as professional life long after they leave DI. Those services include: discounts in various retail sand hospitality outlets across Qatar, participation in the workshops, seminars and conferences organized by DI and the Arab Center and providing guidance and mentoring to enrich the graduate career and prepare him for the labor market.  Not to mention the discounts on purchases of any of  the publications of the Arab Center and any of the training courses of the Language Center.