Published on 3/20/2023

The Social Work Program at the DI has organized the Social Work Forum on Sunday, 19th March 2023. The forum, which comes within celebrating World Social Work Day, was held at the Institute in the presence of a number of partner training institutions, students and graduates of the program.

Ms. Dalal Al-Mulla, a student from the Social Work Program, presented the forum which was opened by a speech from Dr. Basil Salloukh, Associate Dean of the School of Social Sciences and Humanities, during which he commended the efforts of social institutions in their effective partnership that provides balanced training spaces for the students of the program, hoping that in the future a national day for social work is set. This was followed by a welcome speech from Dr. Hmod Al-Aleimat, Head of the Social Work Program, who focused on the importance of professional intervention of specialists in social work wherever they are during crises, disasters and wars, and in the development of social policies as well as communities’ development.

The Director of the Community Police Department, Brigadier Dr. Ibrahim Muhammad Al-Samih, participated in the discussion and emphasized the value of the social work major, especially at the level of the postgraduate studies provided by the Institute, highlighting the importance of social work in various fields, whether in awareness, intervention and/or rehabilitation. He spoke about his early professional experience in the awareness field in schools, universities and even mosques, where the experience was quite unique.

In the same context, His Eminence Sheikh Ahmed Al-Buainain, Director of the Family Reconciliation Office, delivered a speech on "Social Work in the Judicial Field: A Pioneering Experience" in which he focused on the role of social work in the office of Family Reconciliation and Foster Affairs. He also praised the efforts of the trainees from the Social Work Program who proved their worth in the rooms of the Family Reconciliation Office in the Family Court.

Second-year students of the social work program presented their experience in the session "Our Students on the stage: Experiences Inspired by Training Outside the State of Qatar". They described the experience as pioneering in the field of training, which extended beyond the local to the Arab and regional levels through the vocational training program in Jordan giving them the opportunity to identify new problems that expand their circle of knowledge/skills as they put students in the front rows and test the methods they learned in the classroom. 

The graduates of the program participated in the session "Brilliant Graduates: Voices from the Field" in which they talked about the academic and professional knowledge and experiences that the Institute provided them with, and they, in return, used them to serve their communities, the most prominent of which was the leadership in research management and impact measurement in Qatar Social Work, the Community Police Department, and Qatar Red Crescent and the Family Court.