Published on 4/11/2023

The Language Center at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies DI is organizing a conference on ( Arabic as a Heritage Language: Issues and Approaches ) on the 24 and 25 of February 2024. The conference aims to make a new contribution to the field of Arabic as a heritage language by approaching it from angles that include issues of concern for heritage Arabic learners residing inside and outside Arabic-speaking societies.

Dr. Alaa Eljebali, Director of the Language Center, emphasized that the conference has a special value due to the “ particularity of the heritage Arabic learners and their needs which are absent to many of the workers in the field of teaching Arabic. The conference, we hope, will provide a platform to provide effective solutions and theoretical answers that can benefit the workers of the field and have a positive impact on motivating heritage Arabic learners to learn Arabic or continue to learn it”. 

Dr. Eljebali encouraged researchers and scholars from inside and outside Qatar to participate in the conference by submitting research papers which they need to send the abstract for before the middle of May 2023, or by attending the conference and enriching the discussions with their insights and experiences.

Dr. Ran Siblini, Instructor in the Language Center, has expressed her belief that “it is about time to discuss this phenomenon as the number of Heritage Arabic learners is increasing due to the rise of migration to foreign countries from one side, and the tendency to enroll Arab children in international schools rather than local ones, particularly in the Arab Gulf countries from the other side.”

For his part, Dr. Foud Al Qaisi from the Language Center pointed out that “the path to learning Arabic by Heritage learners is a bumpy road with a lot of difficulties that might discourage them from continuing the trip. These challenges might lead to losing the language between the second and third generation of the culture”. 

Full details of the conference are published on the Language Center page of the Doha Institute’s official website. 

It is important to highlight the role that the Language Center at the DI plays in promoting the skills of the community as well as the DI students in communication, functional writing and Academic writing through a series of programs, training programs and curricula in both Arabic and English.