Published on 5/21/2023

The School of Economics, Administration and Public Policy SEAPP at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies and the College of Public Policy at Hamad Bin Khalifa University organized a joint research seminar discussing MENA, the Middle East and North Africa, in the issues of policy-making, governance and the organization of the political economy. In addition to the economy of the society and the human power in the Arab countries, with a focus on a number of papers on Qatar as a case study.

The seminar was attended by the Dean of SEAPP at the DI, Dr. Hamed Ali and a number of researchers and academics in the fields of economics, administration and public policies. In addition to professors and students of postgraduate programs of related interest.

 The seminar was coordinated by Dr. Muhammad Abu Ramadan from the Public Administration Program at the DI, with the aim to exchange experiences and ideas and to enhance academic cooperation between the two parties through fruitful discussions and specialized presentations.

The sessions of the seminar discussed various topics related to theoretical frameworks of public administration and risk management, re-examination of investment theories and applying them to cases in the Arab world, and review of the latest research and studies in the fields of climate change and governance of environmental institutions. 

There was a focus on the ways to support decision-making in the institutions of risk - management of climate and environmental change highlighting the role of Qatar in protecting the environment, despite the deterioration on the global level.

The speakers have also discussed public investment policies in the case of democratic transition in the Middle East and North Africa, taking Tunisia as a case study. The researchers also presented their research results and new ideas in the education and employment sectors in the Region.

The attendees expressed their appreciation of this opportunity, which allowed them to expand their horizons and exchange experiences with their colleagues and distinguished faculty members. Participants also praised the efforts made by the university and the institute in promoting research and academic development in Qatar.