Published on 3/29/2023

The History Program at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies is organizing its second student conference, entitled: "Memory and History”, from 12 to 13 April 2023. According to the background paper of the conference, the topic of Memory and History opened a new field of knowledge for professional historians, helping them to question memory in its narratives by employing epistemological mechanisms in re-evaluating those narratives.

The conference will discuss several axes, most notably: wars and catastrophes between the anvil of memory and the hammer of history, news writings and memory: re-evaluation of old narratives, oral narratives as historical sources, in addition to biographies and political memoirs between memory and history, the state and society: two different memories, and individual memory and collective memory.

The conference welcomes all research papers on issues related to Memory and History and are written in Arabic. Participation is open to all interested students and researchers, and the closing date for the submission of the research papers will be 31 of March 2023. The results of accepted papers will be announced on 4 April 2023.

It is worth noting that the first student conference for the History Program was held on 12 April 2023 with the theme “ How do historian study the present time”.

The Background Paper