The development of the library commenced in 2010, in parallel with the establishment of the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies (ACRPS). 

In line with the mission of the DI, the library's collection is dedicated to the social sciences, humanities and public administration. Already, the library contains more than 36,000 titles in Arabic, English, French, German and Turkish languages. It also contains more than 80 magazines, journals and scientific reviews, 19 in languages other than Arabic.

A plan of acquisition and collection development is ongoing and is responsive to the developing needs of the ACRPS as well as the future academic needs of the DI. It is anticipated that the library will hold 4 0,000 titles by Fall 2015, the time of the DI's inauguration. By 2020, the library will have 150,000 titles spanning the disciplines and research areas of the DI.

The DI library also benefits from the services offered by the Qatar National Library , whereby open access to more than 160 databases of e-books and e-journals is available. Plans are underway to exchange resources with other research institutions as well as to make the library accessible to the academic community in Qatar.