Registration guidelines

  1. Registration is open to all academic and research staff, students and employees of the DI and ACRPS.

  2. Individuals not affiliated with either the ACRPS or the DI may be granted access to the Library’s collections. Please contact the library for more information. 

Borrowing and lending

Members of the Library have the right to borrow according to the following rules:

  • - DI Academic staff: 30 resources for one month, with option to renew 

  • - DI Students: 15 resources for 2 weeks renewal, with option to renew

  • - ACRPS Researchers (including Visiting Researchers) : 20 resources for one month , with option to renew 

  • - ACRPS Assistant Researchers: 15 resources for 2 weeks, with option to renew 

  • - DI and ACRPS Staff: 5 resources for 2 weeks, with option to renew

Individuals who do not fit into any of the above categories will require a special pass from the administration in order to use the Library.  Please contact the library for more information.

Reference services

Staff are available to assist library users identify relevant resources for their research through compiling bibliographies on specific topics and securing resources, whether in the Library or outside. Library staff may also assist researchers in maintaining reference works as needed. 

Please send us your queries to the following email address:​


Printing and copying services

Printing and copying services are available to library users on the ground floor of its present location.