​The DI Library endeavors to provide a friendly space for research and knowledge exchange. We kindly ask library users to respect the following guidelines below:  

- The Library Code of Conduct applies to all library users, including members and guests.
- All library users are expected to observe library opening hours, from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM, Sunday through Thursday (these times will be subject of change at the official opening of the DI).
- Library users are kindly requested not to hide library collections for exclusive, personal use.
- Return books after use to the table located in the front hall and do not leave any books behind or leave them on researchers’ desks.
- Library users are kindly requested to return library resources once the renewal period has ended.
- Library users are kindly requested not to make noise or disturb others working in the library.
- Library users are kindly requested not to misuse and/or damage library resources. 
- Eating, drinking and smoking are prohibited in the library. 
- Do not leave behind tea or coffee cups on tables and shelves.
- Do not leave any kind of left over trash such as food and used tissue paper on tables and shelves.
- Use of mobile phones is prohibited. All mobile phones must be switched to silent when inside the library.  

Abiding by the standards of the library code of conduct will help us maintain our mission to provide faculty, staff, and students with the best in information services.​