Qatar is currently undergoing large-scale transformations on multiple levels which make it a compelling place to reside at this moment in history. This environment has attracted a growing number of renowned scholars, artists, and intellectuals from the Arab region and beyond. As a burgeoning academic hub with an international outlook, Qatar offers a unique combination of world-class educational opportunities and hands-on professional experience unparalleled in the Arab world. 

Beyond academia, Doha is also home to an expanding cultural scene which includes concerts, museums, art exhibitions and film festivals, as well as a number of sports and fitness events. It is also the site of frequent international conferences and meetings spanning technological, scientific, and social issues.

Qatar also offers a number of outdoor sports and activities during the temperate months between October and May. These include camping in the desert, water sports, swimming, walking on Doha’s corniche, tennis and golf.

For more information please visit the website of Qatar Tourism Authority.