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About Alumni Affairs Office

In 2021, the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies established a special alumni affairs office that is responsible for enhancing communication with all graduates inside and outside Qatar and facilitating their participation in various educational and community activities in order to promote their contributions at the local and global levels. The Institute also supports the Alumni Association and the formation of a social, professional, and academic networking platform for its graduates.

Alumni Affairs Office Services

Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, through the Alumni Affairs Office, offers its graduates several services that benefit them after completing their studies at DI on many personal and professional levels.
These services include:

  • Discounts in several stores and hotels in Qatar
  • The opportunity to attend scientific workshops, seminars, and conferences held by the Doha Institute and the Arab Center
  • Providing support and guidance to develop the graduate’s professional journey and qualify him to enter the employment market.

  • A discount on the publications of the Arab Center for Research and PolicyStudies
  • A discount on all training workshops offered by the Language Center.

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