Doha Institute’s Ambassadors

Doha Institute’s Ambassadors:
Dear graduates,
You can take the initiative and represent your institute from where you are currently residing. This role allows you to contribute effectively to the promotion of your institute as a leading academic institution for postgraduate studies in the field of social sciences, humanities, management, and economics.
As you know, the Doha Institute is interested in qualifying researchers who can contribute to knowledge production, skilled professionals in multiple disciplines, and leaders capable of responding to sustainable development that achieves the advancement of the Arab world, as well as the intellectual, social, and professional advancement.
By sharing your experience during the study period in the master's program, you can contribute to attracting outstanding students, and encourage them to join the Doha Institute and enjoy a similar experience as yours.
Whoever likes to participate and join the group of ambassadors of the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies can simply communicate with us via e-mail and express his/her willingness to participate in this initiative and indicate his/her location.