Program Mission

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) prepares students for careers in public service and non-governmental organizations. The degree provides current and prospective public service professionals with technical, administrative and policy analysis skills needed for management and analytics positions in government and non-governmental organizations. Students are given broad exposure to the field in core coursework, and the opportunity to develop expertise within one of two concentration tracks: Non-Governmental Organizations, and Administrative Development.

For that purpose, the program offers in campus a range of courses including Public Human Resource Management, Public Policy Analysis and Formulation, Public Leadership, Change and Conflict Management.

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) program mission is to prepare current and prospective public service professionals to lead public institutions and organizations in a transparent, competent and ethical manner.  The MPA program embraces principles of equality, effectiveness and diversity in its curriculum as well as in its student's and faculty recruitment. In addition, the MPA program provides quality education to students in Qatar and the Arab region that are committed to make a positive contribution to their communities. The program equips the students with critical thinking skills to govern and make evidence-based decisions. The MPA program also aspires to produce and disseminate research in Arabic and English to improve and strengthen the public affairs. 

The program embraces the core public service values of equality, effectiveness, diversity, integrity and excellence in its curricula, student admission and faculty recruitment. Since the program's inception, it managed to attract a total number of 186 female and male students from Qatar and different Arab countries.

Program Goals :

1. Work in collaborative & team-oriented environments

2. Apply the principles, challenges and opportunities of administering public service agencies

3. Analyze and solve administrative problems using empirical methods

4. Communicate persuasively with multiple and diverse publics in written form

5. Communicate persuasively with multiple and diverse publics in verbal form

6. Understand different budget processes and reforms

7. Create financial statements according to international principles

8. Apply ethical criteria in administrative decisions

9. Apply and appreciate different forms of human resources management principles

10. Operate in a diverse workplace

11. Appreciate diversity issues as they affect communities in Qatar & the Arab World

To graduate, Students are expected to complete 42 credit hours within the two years, for the part time students and in order to accommodate their time constraints, the program offer them the opportunity to complete in an extended time frame of maximum four years, through a lower course load in each semester

Certificate of Accreditation from NASPAA