The aim of the public service internship is to provide opportunities for all parties involved. This includes graduate students enrolled in the School of Public Administration and Development Economics, the host organizations and the Doha institute for Graduate Studies (DI).

For graduate students at the School of Public Administration and Development Economics (SPADE), the public service internship provides a unique opportunity to acquire the necessary practical experience that will better prepare them to enter the labor market. This experience enhances their professional development through participation in public service organizations and activities. For the host organizations, an internship helps to implement specific projects, as well as to create jobs for these new students.

For the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, an internship constitutes an opportunity to further its relations with a wide range of international governmental and non-governmental development organizations.

The Main Objectives of Internship:

- To link the Concepts of public administration, Public policy and development economies, and their theories to actual cases and issues.

-To understand the context of public service organizations, non governmental organizations and international organizations, and to grasp their dynamism.

- To improve the student's performance, as an active member of their organization.

- To work under pressure, and to identify the opportunities and obstacles encountered by various administrators and organizations.

- Acquire practical knowledge of specific management processes.

- Build networks that could open up career opportunities in the future.


Governmental Agencies and Other Organizations partnered with the Doha Institute in the provision of Internship: 

The government agencies that have signed a memorandum of understanding with the Doha Institute for Graduate studies include:

- Qatar Red Crescent

- Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs

- Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics

- Qatar Development Bank

- Qatar Charity Society

- Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies / Doha Institute for Graduate Studies

- National Human Rights Committee

- Qatar Social Work Foundation

The internship is a core course that must be completed and passed in order to graduate for students with less than two years of work experience in public service ( government or non-profit sector) . The student will not graduate unless he or she completes all the internship hours and its requirements. to date , about 40 SPADE students have successfully enrolled in internship course with several organizations.