Executive Master of Public Administration is a track in the MPA Program

The Executive Master of Public Administration (EMPA) is designed to provide current managers and executives in public and non-governmental organizations with executive leadership skills to enhance their career potential. Seasoned professionals are given the opportunity to complete their master degree in a caring and professional educational environment and using a dynamic schedule format that takes into consideration the time constraints of working professionals.

The EMPA track mission is to prepare current and prospective public service professionals to lead organizations in an ethical, capable and transparent manner.  The EMPA track embraces principles of equality, effectiveness, representation and justice in its curriculum as well as in its student and faculty recruitment. The EMPA track provides exceptional education to individuals committed to making a positive difference in their Qatari and Arab communities, and it equips its graduates with critical thinking skills to govern and make decisions using empirical research. The EMPA track also aspires to improve knowledge production, in both Arabic and English, in areas of public affairs research.

Admission requirements:

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The EMPA Track is comprised of 42 credits hours as follows:

  • Program Core Compulsory Courses: 24 credits
  • Elective courses: 15 credits
  • Capstone Research: 3 credits


A.  Core Compulsory Courses (24 Credits)

Students are expected to complete 8 courses of 3 credits each listed below:

  • MPA 610E: Introduction to Citizenship, Governance, and Public Administration
  • MPA 612E: Introductory Statistics with Applications
  • MPP 611E: Public Policy Analysis and Formulation
  • MPA 613E: Public Budgeting and Finance
  • MPA 614E: Public Human Resource Management
  • MPA 616E: Public Leadership Change and Conflict Management
  • MPA 618E: Research Methods in Public Administration
  • MPA 619E:Strategic Management for Public Sector and NGOs

B. Elective Courses (15 Credits)

 Executive MPA students can complete 15 credits hours of elective courses. The elective courses provide broad range reflects the interests of the executives' managers involved in the track.

 Course Code   Course Title  Total credit hours
​MPA 620EOrganizational behavior​3​
MPA621EComparative Public Policy 3
MPA622E​Organization Theory and design​3​
​MPA623EPublic Administration in Arab Countries​3​
MPA625EPublic Policy Making in Arab Countries3
MPA627EEnergy Policy in the Gulf States3
MPA631EManaging Non- Profit Organizations3
MPA633EInternational Economic Development Issues3
MPA635E​Marketing for Non- Profit Organizations​3​
MPA638EGrant Writing and Fund Development 3
MPA639ESocial Cost-Benefit Analysis 3
MPA641EAlternative Public Service Delivery 3
MPA642EE-Government Management 3
MPA 643E​Institutional Reform in Public Sector​3​
​MPA 644EContemporary Public Management Techniques​3​
MPA 645E​Contemporary Issues in Public Administration​3​
MPA647EEthical and Legal Foundations for Public Service3
MPA648EAlternative Dispute Resolution 1
MPA649EArabic Business Writing for Executives1
  MPA650EEnglish Business Writing for Executives 1
MPA651EProject Management 1
MPA652E​Quality Management and Organizational performance  ​1​
MPA655E​National Development & Good Governance   ​1​
MPA656E​Transformational Leadership ​1​
MPA657E​Budget Management Skills ​1​
MPA658E​Strategic Management of Media Relations ​1​
MPA659E​Strategic Communication Skills ​1​
MPA660E​Strategic Economic Development ​1​
MPA661E​Strategic Planning​1​
MPA662E​Legal Issues in Administration     ​1​
MPA663E​Client Relationship Management ​1​
MPA664E​Client Service Management​1​
MPA665E​Managing Work Stress and Conflicts   ​1​
MPA666E​Institutional Performance and Appraisal​1​
MPA667E​Information Technology in Management​1​
MPA671E​Issues in Public Policy​3​
MPA673E​Directed reading​3​
MPA674E​Directed Research​3​
MPA676E​Study Abroad​3

    1. Capstone Research: 3 credits

MPA 698E: Capstone Research

After completing the track requirements, the graduates will have Executive Master of public administration


  •  Delivery Method:

The EMPA track is designed to accommodate the working senior manager or executive working in Public Sector and/or Non-Governmental Organizations with full-time work responsibilities that make them not fully committed to full-time study, therefore, it is a plan to offer the courses in successive order.

The EMPA track is using a mixture of interactive methods with the participants through face-to-face meetings in the class supported by assignments and projects which are delivered using the electronic means and e-learning systems. The face-to-face contact will be delivered for each course in three full days meeting, the student will receive 24 hours of direct contact with 8 hours per day. The remaining hours will be delivered through advanced communication channels such as (online and video conferencing) and YouTube videos.

It is expected that the whole track will be delivered in 18 months




The EMPA track welcomes outstanding applicants who possess leadership skills and motivation required to enhance their career potential. Prospective students must meet the admissions requirements at both the Institute and track level in order to apply.

Online applications open in autumn for entry to the track in the following academic year.