The Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (DI) is collaborating with the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) in Berlin to launch a Dual Executive Master's Degree   in Business Administration and Public Administration. This Dual Degree Masters meets the objectives of the Institute and its aspirations to enhance the fields that contribute to the development of academic education, scientific research and development in the State of Qatar and the Arab region.

The DI is committed to supporting the needs of the State of Qatar and achieving its vision for the year of 2030, focusing on the field of human development and building a knowledge-based workforce. Using university capabilities in supporting the participation of Qataris in the workforce, the EMBA/EMPA is aiming to enable the integration between private and public sectors to enhance better performance in the economy of Qatar.

The DI's EMPA at the School of Public Administration and Development Economics (SPADE) aims to provide current managers and executives in public and non-governmental organizations with executive leadership skills to enhance their career potential.

ESMT's EMBA brings together professionals on a fast track to senior leadership roles. Top-ranked for its success in helping high-potential leaders to assume significant top-management positions, the EMBA/EMPA is designed for mid- to senior managers, executives and business owners who understand the importance of responsible leadership and innovation.

In addition, it offers experiential learning, managerial capabilities and leadership focus as well as an international exposure career of mid to top management in both the private and public sector.

Moreover, it provides leaders and managers in the private and public sectors with useful knowledge and best practices, in business and public administration.

This EMBA/EMPA is an opportunity for public private partnership by providing mutual understandings of business values and public social welfare. Indeed, it will contribute to eliminate barriers between business and public sector while preserving their core mission and values.

On the one hand, DI and ESMT will contribute to enhance businesspersons and managers of small and medium-sized enterprises understanding of the mission and values of the public sector. On the other hand, the EMBA/EMPA will reinforce public administration and private organization management the necessary innovative behavior and entrepreneurial competencies.  

Moreover, this EMBA/EMPA will enable executives to develop capabilities and skills that enhance business performance of leaders in private sector and bring professionals on the fast track of senior leadership roles.

It is important to mention, that this EMBA/EMPA also contributes to enhance professional decision-making and strategic planning capabilities of leaders in both business and public sector as well as in private organizations.

Our partner, ESMT is a well-known European academic institution specialized in offering Masters Degrees in Management and Ph.D. programs. The German institution has been accredited by four internationally recognized associations as well as by the German education authorities.



SPADE Mission

The EMPA mission is to prepare current and prospective public service professionals to lead organizations in an ethical, transparent and competent manner.  The EMPA embraces principles of equality, effectiveness, representation and justice in its curriculum as well as in its student and faculty recruitment. The EMPA provides exceptional education to Qatari and Arab individuals committed to making a positive difference in their communities, and it equips its graduates with critical thinking skills to govern and make decisions using empirical research. The EMPA also aspires to improve both Arabic and English knowledge production in public affairs.

ESMT Mission

The mission of the Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) of ESMT Berlin is to unleash the potential of future international business leaders through rigorous training that combines theory and application in practice. The ESMT Berlin EMBA is a rigorous general management masters that attempts to help participants to promote from mid to senior leadership positions and increase their capabilities to implement change and innovation in complex international business environments. The EMBA classroom is a highly interactive and experiential environment. Using a combination of case studies, group exercises and projects, the high-impact learning approach challenges participants to translate modern management concepts into action.


EMBA/EMPA Structure: 

A- EMPA Degree Structure - Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (DI):

Students must complete 42 Credit Hours to obtain the Executive Master's Degree in Public Administration as follows:

Core Compulsory Courses       (24 Credit Hours)

Elective Courses                       (15 Credit Hours)

Capstone Research                   (3 Credit Hours)


1- Core Compulsory Courses  (24 Credit Hours):

MPA 610EE 
Introduction to Citizenship, Governance, and Public Administration
MPP 611EE Public Policy Analysis and Formulation
MPA 612EEIntroductory Statistics with Applications
MPA 613EEPublic Budgeting and Finance
MPA 614EEPublic Human Resource Management
MPA 616EEPublic Leadership, Change and Conflict Management
MPA 618EEResearch Methods in Public Administration
MPA 619EEStrategic Management for Public Sector and NGOs



2- Elective Courses (15 Credit Hours)

The EMPA provides a broad range of elective courses that reflect the interests of the executive managers.


3- Capstone Research (3 Credit Hours)

  • MPA 698EE Capstone Research



B- EMBA Degree Structure The European School of Management and Technology (ESMT)

Students must earn a minimum of 60 ECTS Credits equivalent to approx. 38 DI SPADE Credit hours to obtain the Master of Business Administration by completing a curriculum as follows:

  • - Core Compulsory Courses:

    •         * Delivered by ESMT: 31.4 ECTS  ~ 22.6 Credit Hours

    •         * Recognized from DI SPADE EMPA: 14 ECTS Credits ~ 10 Credit Hours

  • - Elective Courses: 0 ECTS – 0 Credit Hours

  • - "Final Report" (incl. project and analytical assessment paper): 15 ECTS ~ 5.4 Credit Hours

(Each 1.0 Credit unit from DI is equivalent to 1.4 Credit units in ESMT in case of core courses; for the ESMT "Final Report", the ratio does not apply): 

IGM      Introduction to General Management
IET        Introduction to Economic Thinking
MAD    Managerial Analysis and Decision-Making
OPS       Operations and Supply Chain
MAM   Marketing Management
MAPAccounting and Management Control
FINFinancial Management and Corporate Finance
OBE      Organizational Behavior
SIMStrategic International Management
EPSEntrepreneurship and Innovation Management
BET       Business Ethics and Sustainability
BETBusiness Experiments and Impact Analysis
FRFinal Report