Program Structure

EMPA offers students a set of courses that help them learn about contemporary issues in public administration, governance, citizenship, transparency, how to analyze and make public policies, and understand the methods of preparing public budgets. The program's courses focus on developing executive leadership skills, how to motivate and manage human resources, and institutional reform for those departments.

A variety of elective courses that develop learners' skills in the management and marketing of non-governmental organizations, the management of government projects, and how to achieve effective partnership between public and private organizations are also available, in addition to a set of skills-building courses which are practically held in the form of workshops to develop communication skills, managing stakeholder relations, transformational leadership skills, and managing change.

A.  Core Compulsory Courses (24 Credit Hours):

Students are expected to complete 8 courses of 3 credit hours each listed below:

Course Code Course Title Course Hours
MPA 610E
Introduction to Citizenship, Governance, and Public Administration3 Credit Hours
MPP 611E
 Public Policy Analysis and Formulation3 Credit Hours
MPA 612E
Introductory Statistics with Applications3 Credit Hours
MPA 613E
Public Budgeting and Finance3 Credit Hours
MPA 614E
Public Human Resource Management3 Credit Hours
MPA 616E
Public Leadership Change and Conflict Management3 Credit Hours
MPA 618E
Research Methods in Public Administration3 Credit Hours
MPA 619E
Strategic Management for Public Sector and NGOs3 Credit Hours

Total Cumulative Credit Hours  

24 Credit Hours

B. Elective Courses (15 Credit Hours):

Executive MPA students can complete 15 credit hours of elective courses. The elective courses provide broad range reflect the interests of the executives' managers involved in the track.

C. Capstone Research (3 Credit Hours):

Course Code Course Title Course Hours
MPA 698ECapstone Research
3 Credit Hours

After completing the track requirements, the graduates will have Executive Master of public administration.