Program vision

In light of the current global economic and political environment, the Arab region is still facing complex and intertwined development challenges; and people are still looking to a new generation of economists and development practitioners equipped with knowledge and training. The School of Public Administration and Development Economy at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies aims to provide an accurate understanding of economic development issues, and to suggest effective solutions. The Master of Development Economics (MDE) program focuses on applying the methods and theories of modern economic thinking in analyzing development issues facing the region. The program prepares students to pursue higher studies, or to work in national, regional and international development institutions; whether in the governmental public sector, the private sector, or the private sector.

Program mission

The program aims to develop the educational and research capabilities of its students, by building and developing the critical and analytical skills necessary to support economic policies; and to provide effective advice based on scientific evidence. The program seeks to provide students with a wide range of research methodologies and quantitative and qualitative data analysis tools that will enable them to deal with the thorny development issues facing the region. The program provides a solid foundation in development theories needed to analyze and evaluate economic policy options with consideration of social, ethical and cultural dimensions. The program seeks to develop knowledge of both Arabic and English in the field of development economics in the Arab region.

Program learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate an understanding of the role, structures, and policies governing the field of development.

2. Critically analyze emerging debates related to economic development through the lens of economic theory. 

3.  Formulate policies that address issues of economic development.

4. Conduct empirical research to study economic development challenges.

5. Employ statistical techniques and econometric models to analyze economic data.

6. Communicate statistical analyses and results to non-experts in the field.