The Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration accreditation is highly respected, and one of the highest aspirations of schools of public administration and public policy around the world. This accreditation, which only a few universities outside the United States have obtained, will serve as to evidence the quality of education offered by SPADE at the Doha Institute.

As a first step on the path to accreditation, the school's application for membership of NASPAA, SPADE was accepted at the annual board meeting held in October 2015. NASPAA sent an official letter to the school notifying it that its membership request had been accepted and outlining the services the Network provides in the period of preparing for academic accreditation.

NASPAA requires a series of stringent conditions must be met, which demand years of self-study, peer review, assessment, and effort to improve quality in order to grant accreditation to an educational institute. Accredited programs measure the knowledge of students and readiness to become successful professionals in the field of public service.

Notably, NASPAA enjoys more than 300 members in 15 countries, all of which award Master's degrees in public administration and public policy. NASPAA is the global accrediting body for Master's programs in these fields. Universities from the United States, Brazil, China, Colombia, Egypt, France, Mexico, Italy, Holland, The United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates fall under its accrediting purview.